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What is a Drill Collar?

Drill Collar Definition

A drill collar is a device used at the lowest part of a drill string, an important part of the bottom hole assembly (BHA). It is always a very thick-walled tube to apply weight to the drill bit. Normally, a drill collar is threaded at both ends, male on one and female on the other. Except for thickness as a special characteristic, a drill collar owns other unique features, gravity, rigidity, etc.

drill collar

Drill Collar Classification

Drill collars can be simply put into three categories according to their structure and material, namely the slick drill collar, the spiral grooved drill collar and the non-magnetic drill collar.

drill collar classification

Drill Collars in Drilling Application

drill collars in drilling application

Anson Drill Collar

Henan Anson Steel Co., Ltd is a pioneer manufacturer and supplier in oil and gas products of high quality and at a competitive price. Anson mainly provides products such as tubing, casing, drill pipes, drill collars and so on.

We have drill collars from 5 to 32 feet, with a diameter from 3-1/8”to 11”. Our drill collars are made of AISI4145H premium alloy steel. These drill collars are fully heating quenched, tempered and water cooling measured to withstand high strength and compression. Strict mechanical inspection is applied to drill collars to make sure that all drill collars can meet the requirements of the API m7-1 specification.

We have been making drill collars for years so we are confident that our drill collars will satisfy or even beyond your demands. We are always here ready to offer you the top quality drill collars as well as our professional and all-embracing service.

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