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The Belt and Road, a new opportunity to oil country tubular goods

What is "The Belt and Road"

"The Belt and Road" is the world's longest economic corridors, originated in China, through Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia and Eastern Europe. It is the most development potential economic belt in the world. whether from the economic development and improving people's livelihood or from the response to the financial crisis, countries along the fate are never linked closely like today.

the belt and road

China is the world's largest energy consuming country and the second oil and gas consumption country. In the future, China will be the major resource country in the region of “The Belt and Road”.

The opportunity of B&R to OCTG

Some countries along the "The Belt and Road” although have crude oil resources, but the petrochemical processing capacity is relatively weak. This is an opportunity for China’s petrochemical enterprises, especially for company which manufacture oil country tubular goods. Experience in the field of energy and chemical industry of China is relative abundance, some areas even have excess capacity. While "The Belt and Road" will help us develop new export market, to solve the overcapacity dilemma.

opportunity to oilfieldThe development of "The Belt and Road" must rely on the railway, highway, pipeline, and shipping routes improved gradually. Some countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia show a slow growth rate and have a large population, however, their railways, pipelines, shipping and other infrastructure is relatively backward. Therefore, transportation, energy pipe network, manufacturing facilities, raw materials and equipment, high-end equipment, energy saving and environmental protection industry will usher a great opportunity. For example, with the completion of natural gas pipeline between China and Myanmar, a series of OCTG products in South Asia, Southeast Asia will have a good market prospects.

According to statistics, in 2015, enterprises of China invest in 49 countries related to "The Belt and Road" directly and amount of investment year-on-year growth by 18.2%. In the oil pipe industry, China undertake the relevant service which credit amount reach to $1.783 billion. Insiders have said that in the "The Belt and Road" policy, the chemical industry is expected to recover in the next few years.

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