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Pipe material guidance in OCTG industry

The question of how to choose the proper OCTG pipes seems very simple; but actually not. You have to consider about what these pipes will be used for when purchasing. There are different kinds of pipes used for water, oil, gas and sewer and so on. And the installation methods are also different depending on its functions. What’s more, the initial cost, solid type, corrosion resistance, coordination, life expectancy and availability make it very difficult to make a decision. Here is guide for you according to the introduction about piping material level and size.

pipe material guidance and OCTG industry

Piping material grade

Piping material grade refers to different types of seamless, ERW pipe, and designates mechanical properties such  as  minimum  yield  and  tensile  strengths. Grade B  has  higher  tensile and  yield  strength  than Grade A. It is manufactured to higher carbon content steel. Grade A, being a softer steel, is easier to bend and is also recommended for use in close coiling and cold bending. Grade B has higher stress values and is better suited for machining operations. Grade C, which is available in ASTM-106, has higher tensile and yield strength than Grades A&B.

Piping Material Dimensions

Many changes have been made to ASTM specifications over years. One of the recent changes is to make the specifications fit with metric. More correctly, it is to make the specifications fit with the measurements of pipe and the related fittings. Through changing the pipe outside diameter (OD) and wall thickness, it simply multiplies the SI dimensions by the appropriate factors converting to the metric. However, an inch is not real an inch. For example, on pipe 12" and smaller ones, there is no corresponding measurement because this size has no real numerical value.

OCTG Industry Outlook

In 2016, OCTG pipe manufacturers and suppliers in China rely on the “the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road” or “the Belt and the Road” for short initiated by Chinese Central Government to explore wider markets. The Belt and the Road involves countries in Asia, European Union and Africa, which are greatly potential markets for steel industry. We are looking forward to a bright future for OCTG industry in 2016.

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