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sucker rod

Steel sucker rod is important equipment for oil field. Anson sucker rod is produced based on C, D, K grade according to API Spec 11B,which is also our leading products.

C-class high-quality carbon steel rod is made by SSYD-1 (equivalent to AISI1526), with moderate strength, good plasticity, phase against corrosion and other specifics for the environment of an acidic medium without causing sulfide stress cracking. Grade D sucker is made of high-Cr-Mo alloy structural steel 30CrMoA (equivalent to AISI 4130), with high strength, good plasticity, long life and other characteristics, applicable to non-corrosive or slightly corrosive environment of deep wells. Grade K sucker rods are made of high-grade Ni-Mo alloy structural steel 20Ni2MoA (equivalent to AISI 4620), with moderate strength, good ductility, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, suitable to be used in light loads and shallow wells in the presence of corrosive media.

Finished sucker rod finished sucker rods
end finish sucker rods sucker rod connection

According to API standard design, sinker bars are made of domestic high-quality carbon steel or alloy steel. Both ends have the same external threads. According to the standard level, it is divided into 1 and 2, which can be connected with the upper end of rod well, or the lower end of the oil well sucker rod as well.

Technical parameters
Size (In.) Rod D (In.) Threard D (In.) Length
Outside Diameter of Pin Shoulder (Mm) Length of Pin (Mm) Length of Wrench Square (Mm) Width of Wrench Square (Mm)
5/8 5/8 15/16 2/ 4/ 6/ 8/
10/ 12/ 14/ 25/ 30
31.8 31.75 ≧31.8 22.20
3/4 3/4 1-1/16 38.10 36.50 25.40
7/8 7/8 1-3/16 41.30 41.28
1 1 1-3/8 50.80 47.63 ≧38.1 33.30
1-1/8 1-1/8 1-9/16 57.20 53.98 ≧41.3 38.10

Mechanical Properties for OCTG Sucker Rod
Grade Yield Strength Rel(Mpa) Tensile Strength Rm(Mpa) Percentage Elongation A(%) Contraction Percentage of Area Z(%) Impact Toughness Ακ(J/Cm2)
C ≧414 620-793 ≧12 ≧55 ≧70
D ≧620 794-965 ≧10 ≧50 ≧58.8
K ≧414 620-793 ≧12 ≧55 ≧70

Mechanical Properties for Sinker Bar
Grade Tensile Strength Rm(Mpa) Percentage Elongation A(%) Contraction Percentage of Area
1 448-620 ≧15 ≧55
2 621-794 ≧12 ≧50

Productive process of sucker rod

    sizing of  sucker rod workshop   product line of sucker rod
welding sucker rods process sucker rods string detection
straightening for API sucker rods sucker rod assemble
workline for sucker rods connection inspection sucker rods

Mill of Anson has strong technical force, excellent production equipment, advanced production technology and world-class management. We establish a perfect set of consistent standards of quality management and assurance system. Our company passed the ISO9001 quality system authentication in 1998, and the API’s verification in 2007, which allows the company to use the API logo.

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