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Some issues about anti-corrosion pipeline and its transportation

Corrosion is the enemy of steel, painting is one of the most basic methods to prevent pipe corrosion. Anti-corrosion pipeline will inevitably suffer impact in transit, although corrosion-resistant pipe is generally sturdier, but if we don't pay attention to the buffer protection, it is easy to be damaged. So coating protective is the most important in the course of transporting pipeline. Let’s get to know some issues about pipe coating and considerations for pipeline transportation.

Importance of coating

anticorrosive paint

Pipeline corrosion coating means that the continuous cover layer of insulating material on the metal surface and it prevents direct contact with the electrolyte to the metal. From the principle of electrochemical corrosion analysis, we can understand the electrochemical corrosion must have a few basic conditions: Steel as the anode corrosion, its potential is lowest. The electrolyte solution with low resistance, seep into the iron interface from the outside. In the corrosion process has enough oxygen to maintain at a certain level.
The use of coating to protect the steel is to enhance its corrosion potential and cut off electrolyte so as not to form corrosion cell. As a polymer film, coating can reduce the influence of corrosion factors in order to play the role of anti corrosion. In summary, the protective effect of coating on steel mainly has three kinds, shielding effect, corrosion inhibition and cathodic protection.

Stack anti-corrosion pipeline

In the construction work zone, anti-corrosion pipeline generally placed in the car. The pipe with sandbags gaskets at both ends is not allowed to touch the ground and the minimum distance between the tube and the ground is 0.2 M. If it’s inadvisable to temporary discharge pipe in the construction work zone, temporary stack pipe field should be set up depending on site conditions. Try to set the venue stacking tube in the non-farming area where is convenient construction and the venue should be smooth and compacted.

Pipeline with anti-corrosion is quite important, and there are some questions should be paid attention to when transporting the pipeline.

Anti-corrosion pipeline transportation

In order to send anti-corrosion pipeline to the hands of customers intactly, to confirm the product has reached the standard before loading. Customers can also mention some packaging requirements to the manufacturers before the dispatch, to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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